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We are uniquely qualified to buy and sell

investment properties because we manage them.

Are you thinking about selling your investment property or primary residence in Washington?

We can help. Our Realtors are also property managers and can expertly guide you (and your tenants) through the process.



TMG is uniquely qualified to buy and sell investment properties because we manage investment properties. Since 1985, the expertise we offer our clients is unrivaled by any other Realtor in the area. We’ve literally seen it all and know how to handle it successfully. That experience and knowledge makes buying and selling an investment property with TMG smooth and cost-effective.

Cost Savings

Buying or selling with TMG provides cost savings that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Discounted sales commission.
  • No close-out costs or early termination penalty for property management contract.
  • No charge for sales-related visits to the property.

Preparing to Sell

Unlike other Realtors, when you sell with TMG, you get a team with vast experience turning properties. We use TMG Maintenance Services NW or other vetted vendors as necessary to get the property sale-ready quickly and efficiently. We take care of coordinating the work, and you benefit from our established relationships and volume pricing with our vendors.

Seamless Transition

If we are currently managing your property, we are already familiar with the details. When we sell it for you, we are able to provide the buyer with full documentation of the property’s rental history and maintenance record.

Tenant Relations

If you have tenants that will be moving after the sale, we will handle the move-out inspection and deposit transactions for you. If you have an active lease and the tenants will remain in place, we can continue to provide property management services to the new investor if they choose to do so. Either way, we will communicate with the tenants and make sure their needs are met during the process.

Current clients of TMG or AMS receive these benefits:

Discounted sales commission

Free home value estimate

Free make-ready consultation

THE SALES process


If the tenant’s lease is not completed, we will give them the opportunity to vacate the property before expiration without penalty (with your approval). This allows the property to be vacated sooner, expediting the move-out inspection and coordination of any necessary repairs and maintenance.

The tenant is only responsible for paying rent for the remaining days they are occupying the property. If needed, we can help the tenant find a new property to rent with TMG.

A move-out inspection will be performed to assess what work needs to be done to make the property sale-ready. We will deduct the cost of damages from the tenant’s deposit according to their lease agreement, and distribute the deposit to the tenant.

Once the property is vacant, the Sales Broker can begin coordinating maintenance work. When the property is sale-ready, we will take photographs and begin marketing the property.


TMG for sale signIf a buyer is looking for an investment property to purchase, having a reliable tenant already in place can be a big selling point. Whether the new owner chooses to contract with TMG for property management or hire someone else, we will facilitate the transfer of all account history, tenant information, and deposits.


We can provide you with a free, no-strings-attached Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This free property report will arm you with knowledge about your property's value based on the features of your property, what similar properties have sold for, and the current market conditions. If you are purchasing an investment property, we can also provide you with a rental analysis.


Jim Parker

Jim Parker

Jim began his career at TMG as a property manager and Realtor in 1995. He has brokered hundreds of sales for TMG clients and is known as a local expert in investment property transactions. Investors rely on his extensive experience in both managing and selling rental properties, knowing he will negotiate and advocate for them. Jim has the skills and knowledge to handle the unique circumstances that come with investment property sales.
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Kryssy Griffin

Kryssy has worked in all areas of real estate, assisting buyers and sellers with everything from investments properties to luxury homes. Adding property management to her repertoire in 2001 gave her insight into the complex operations, maintenance, and financials exclusive to investment properties. Her knowledge of the real estate industry makes her well-suited to assist both first-time and seasoned investors.
  • (360) 449-2424


TMG Sales Real Estate Agent in Vancouver WA

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