Property Management Services that Protect Your Investment

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Protect the value of your investment property.

Are you worried about your investment property becoming damaged? Most rental owners share this concern. That's why so many investors choose to partner with TMG. Since 1985, we have been dedicated to protecting the value of our clients' investment properties. We accomplish this with our tried and trusted property management services, including:

Comprehensive screening for qualified tenants who will take care of your home.

Routine inspections to evaluate the property.

Timely maintenance and repairs to avoid damages.

Regular owner communication about the property.

Education and expertise to maintain or grow property value.

We know that well-maintained and well-managed investments produce the highest return for our clients. For nearly four decades, TMG has been dedicated to serving our clients by helping them achieve their goals through exceptional property management. We deliver on that knowledge every day.

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Michelle Villarma

Business Development Manager
Oregon & Washington

Ford Bennett

New Business Specialist
Shodel W. (2022)

The best property manager I have had in the past 5 years. Zero issues and only solutions. They go the extra mile, and I am extremely excited to have them on my side. Highly recommend!!!

Michael B. (2021)

TMG is a great property management firm. They have helped expertly with all the issues involved in overseeing rental properties we own in the Portland area. The entire team has been great — exceedingly responsive to all inquiries. We cannot recommend TMG highly enough!

Tony E. (2021)

I started using TMG for my rentals 3 months ago and highly recommend. Michael has been fantastic as my PM. He has gotten to know my tenants and is never hesitant to engage to resolve issues or problems. We are moving forward on projects that I've always wanted to get started, but didn't. Again, I'm very happy with TMG.

Cynthia G. (2020)

I’m a new owner of investment properties. TMG has bent over backward to help me with anything I need be it understanding of budgeting, providing documentation, or help with estimating large tickets maintenance items going forward. They have experience, expertise, and are available and responsive. I’ve received that same feedback from the previous owner of my property who had been with them for years. Really nice people to boot!

Rely on Our Experience.

Owning an investment property can be daunting. Let us take care of all the details and make your life easier. You'll be surprised how cost-effective our services are.

Our services pay for themselves by:

  • Getting the maximum market rent.
  • Leveraging our relationships with maintenance and repair vendors, saving you money.
  • Filling vacancies fast with our in-house leasing specialists.
  • Having a knowledgeable team of professionals on your side who are well-versed on the most current landlord-tenant laws.
  • Freeing up your time (you can't put a price on that!)

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