Protect Your Investment with TMG's Inspection Services

Our experienced inspection team is equipped with the industry's most robust software, streamlining move-in inspections, turnovers, and annual property surveys, protecting both your investment and your bottom line.

Regular inspections are an important part of maintaining a successful investment property. We provide three types of inspections for our properties in Oregon and Washington: Move-In Inspections, Drive-By Inspections, and Annual Property Surveys. Read more about each type of inspection below.


Move-In Inspections

Before Tenant Move-In

Move-In Inspections

Move-in inspections are done with ease and efficiency by the TMG Inspection team! Before embarking on a new tenancy journey, our inspectors guarantee peace of mind by capturing the condition of your property. Our cutting-edge technology securely time and date stamps each photo, geo-locates it, and tags relevant details for effortless future reference. Our inspection team collects comprehensive ZData on all appliances, including serial numbers and make and model information. Whether it's standard photos, immersive 360 views, or engaging videos, we've got your investment covered. 

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Drive-By Inspections

Drive-By Inspections

Our dedicated inspector team conducts thorough exterior inspections throughout the year, guaranteeing that your property is being properly maintained and its curb appeal remains impeccable. With these regular check-ups, potential issues are identified early, preventing costly damages, and preserving the value of your investment. Additionally, our compliance management system ensures swift action in addressing any concerns, keeping your property in line with regulations and standards. By completing annual drive-by inspections, our inspector team empowers your management team with valuable insights, enabling them to efficiently manage compliance and uphold the quality of your property. 

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Annual Property Surveys

Annual Property Surveys

Investing in an annual survey of your rental property is a wise decision that can safeguard your investment and ensure its long-term success. Our experienced inspection team conducts thorough property surveys, providing valuable insights and identifying any potential maintenance issues before they escalate into costly problems. Moreover, complying with Washington and Oregon tenant laws necessitates documented reasons for terminating a tenancy after the initial year of occupancy. From monitoring preventative maintenance needs to identifying potential lease violations, our comprehensive inspection services offer invaluable peace of mind and contribute to the overall success of your investment.


TMG utilizes zInspector - a cutting edge inspection solution for property managers. The mobile app allows us to collect data in the field, and makes it automatically available to our entire team via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Everything is stored in the cloud, where it is searchable, organized, and securely backed up. Additionally, it is seamlessly integrated with our property management software. As a result, TMG's inspection process eliminates paperwork and hassle, and increases our efficiency and productivity.

  • Photos

    Each photo is securely stamped with the date and time and includes the geolocation, property name, area, and detail for easy reference.

  • 360 Photos

    360 photos are available to obtain clear visuals of potential damages and documenting  the condition of the property.

  • Appliance Data

    Using zInspector, we collect zData on all appliances to capture serial numbers, which allows us to order replacement parts quickly and accurately.

  • Drive-By Surveys

    A bi-annual property drive-by survey ensures compliance and upkeep of landscaping and  the exterior of home.

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