Everything You Need to Know About Moving Into a TMG Property

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We're so glad you've decided to rent with us! We'd like to make your tenancy with TMG as stress-free as possible. We've prepared this guide to answer many of the questions our new residents have. Click on the image to see our Move-In Guide, which includes a checklist of documents and information you'll need to gather, and what to expect during the move-in process. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us. Our team is ready to help.


Below are some common move-in costs. Please check with your TMG contact for exact amounts in your situation.

Prorated Rent

If you move into your new home on any day but the 1st of the month, you will have to pay prorated rent for the partial month. This is also true for pet rent (which is $25 per month, per pet).

Please use the calculators to estimate how much your prorated rent will be. Please remember that rent for your first full month is due on the 1st.

move-in guide


Your Initial Deposit takes the property off the market. After screening, you may have an Additional Deposit, depending on your credit score or rental history.

You may have an additional deposit for special items on the property, such as remote controls. You'll know about these items in advance.

Prorated Utilities

Depending on the property you're renting, you may be required to pay prorated utilities. Check your move-in packet to see which (if any) utilities you should pay and when. If you have any questions, please contact your Residential Services Assistant.

HOA Fees

If your new home is part of a Homeowner association (HOA), you may charge a move-in/move-out fee, which is usually required to be paid in advance. They may also charge a parking pass fee. Check your move-in packet for details.

Prepaid Cleaning

If you're moving into one of our single family properties, you may be required to submit a prepaid cleaning fee. This pays in advance for a full professional interior cleaning, including floors, when you move-out. Use the calculator to estimate the cost.

move-in guide

Move-in Inspection

A move-in inspection is performed by TMG prior to your occupancy. Once you move in, you have the opportunity to perform your own inspection. If you see any issues, you should report them on the Addendum to Move-In Condition Report that comes in your move-in packet. Please complete this form and return it to us within 72 hours after move-in.

Renters Insurance

You are required to have Renters Insurance. It's inexpensive, but provides you with valuable protection. You'll need to provide us with the Declaration Page from your policy. Get all the details about Renters Insurance by clicking the button below.

Resident Portal

Pay your rent, request maintenance, view your documents and more. Download our app to do it all on the go! Get all the details by clicking below.


Please click the button below to visit our maintenance page. You can request routine and emergency maintenance, learn about what your responsibilities are, and get troubleshooting tips.

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