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Paying Rent

Rent is always due on the 1st of each month with a grace period. Please review your rental agreement for the grace period and late fee schedule, as they vary.

Rent is considered past due on the 5th in Oregon and on the 7th in Washington.

If you live in a house, condo, plex, or an apartment without an onsite manager:

Rent can be paid online through your resident portal, although you must activate your account prior to making your payments online. For an invitation to activate your account, please contact your Manager.

You may also mail or pay rent in person at either of our offices. The Vancouver office has a drop box near the front door. The Portland office does not have a drop box, and payments must be received during regular office hours.

If you live in an apartment that has an onsite manager:

Use the above methods, or pay rent at the Resident Manager's office. 

Visit the Resident Portal page for instructions on how to get access.

Maintenance & Repairs

For emergency situations (things that cannot wait for regular business hours), please call our 24/7 Emergency Maintenance number: (833) 280-4371. An example of a situation warranting emergency maintenance is a burst pipe, gas leak, fire, etc.

All maintenance requests that are NOT an emergency must be submitted online in your Resident Portal. If you do not have access to the Portal, you may:

  • Complete a form on our website.
  • Come to our office (or to your onsite Resident Manager's office) to fill out a paper form.

For a maintenance emergency during business hours, you may contact our office:

(360) 892-4000 or (503) 718-5600.

For after-hours maintenance emergencies, please call (833) 280-4371.

Visit the Resident Portal page for instructions on how to get access.

In general, any damage you cause is your responsibility. Routine maintenance tasks are also your responsibility, such as changing the batteries in the smoke detectors, changing the furnace filters, changing light bulbs, etc. For more details, please see our Maintenance page. TMG Maintenance Services NW is available to assist you with routine maintenance tasks or repairs that you are responsible for. Please contact your Residential Assistant to coordinate this service.

Yes. This is not something that is covered under the Prepaid Cleaning fee you paid when you moved in.

It depends on where you live - some properties include lawn care, and others do not. Please check your lease. If you are responsible, you will have to water, mow, edge, and fertilize your lawn to keep it looking as good as it did when you moved in.

If landscaping is included in your rent, you will still be responsible for watering the lawn.

If you paid the Prepaid Cleaning fee, it covers routine carpet cleaning when you move out. However, stains that require deeper cleaning are not covered. Please clean stains as they occur, to keep your carpet looking good.

Roommates & Lease Terms

You will need to submit an updated application and verification of income for all applicants over the age of 18. An occupied inspection of your current home must be performed prior to full approval of the application. Any applicable deposits and/or fees are required at your new lease signing. The lease term for the existing lease must be fulfilled.

Please consult your lease for the requirements on providing proper notice to vacate. All notices to vacate must be in written form. If you do not utilize the Notice to Vacate Form, please provide the following in writing to your manager: Name(s) on the rental agreement, rental address, including the unit #, date you intend to vacate, your forwarding address and updated contact information and signatures from all tenants.

Typically in Washington, you must give 20-30 days notice, by the 10th-11th of the month, to vacate on the last day of the month.

Typically in Oregon, you must give 30 days notice on any date of the month.

Download Notice to Vacate forms and get more information in our Move-Out Guide.

In order to add a roommate to the lease, it must be approved by the Assistant first. Please have the current resident reach out to their Assistant for approval. All occupants over the age of 18 must submit an application. Rental criteria will apply.

In order to remove a roommate from a lease, the remaining roommates must qualify for the home in compliance with our current rental application criteria. Current proof of income for all tenants remaining at the property must be supplied so we can verify that you income-qualify. We can use the most recent pay stub or 90 days’ worth of bank statements. Once the remaining tenants are deemed approved without the departing roommate, the Management Team will draw up an Addendum to remove the roommate, which all parties will need to sign.

All tenants must provide current proof of renters insurance, Please provide (you or your agent may mail, email or deliver to the rental office) the declaration page of your policy that indicates:

  • Name of ALL tenants
  • TMG rental address, with unit #
  • Date of coverage
  • $100K liability coverage
  • TMG named as Additional Insured

Please provide all utility account numbers so that we can verify that you have all utilities in your name.

No deposit disbursement is done at this time; the exchange of funds must happen as a private agreement between the roommates as all deposits will be held until the final move-out. The funds for the security deposit are made payable to all occupants on the lease at the time of the final vacating of the premises. Please contact your Management Team for further questions on this process.


Before getting a pet, please consult with your Management Team to be sure the property you occupy will allow the pet you are considering. A Pet Addendum will need to be completed in our office, by appointment, and all applicable deposits and fees must be paid prior to bringing the pet to the property. For more information, please review our Pet Policy

You may notify your Management Team that you no longer have a pet and it will be documented in your file. Our policy is to hold all deposits until the time of move out; we are unable to refund pet deposits mid-tenancy.

Renters Insurance

The owner's insurance policy covers the structure; not the contents of your home. Renters insurance covers your personal property in the event of a loss. It will also cover your personal liability if someone else gets injured or their property is damaged at your home. Renters insurance is inexpensive, and protects you and the owner of the property you live in. See more information on our Renters Insurance page.

You can email or mail us the declaration page, or you can upload it directly into the App!

Contacting Us

At your lease signing, you were given contact names for your Management Team. For their email addresses and phone numbers, please visit Our Team.


Satellite TV can be great! Just keep in mind that you may not attach the dish to the siding or the roof of the home. If you live in an HOA, check your CCRs. You can find them in your Tenant Portal.

Questions? We're here to help.

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