Operation Home Rescue Completes Twelfth Project Home


The 12th Operation Home Rescue project served the home of US Army Veteran Austin Eisinger. At Austin's home, TMG Maintenance team members tackled crucial repairs his oven as well as much-needed repairs and replacements to his home's gutters, partners with local business ERS Roofing.

TMG Cares' Operation Home Rescue completed work on its twelfth project home, providing essential repairs for U.S. Army Veteran Austin Eisinger.

On December 29th, 2023, TMG Cares embarked on its 12th Operation Home Repair project, dedicated to improving the living conditions of Army veteran Austin Eisinger. With a team of four dedicated volunteers committing a total of 18.5 hours, TMG Cares successfully tackled crucial repairs, ensuring Austin's home became a more comfortable and functional space. This initiative exemplifies TMG Cares' ongoing commitment to supporting veterans in tangible ways.

A Helping Hand for Army Veteran Austin Eisinger

Austin Eisinger, an Army veteran, served two terms in Iraq as a team trainer, as well as being stationed in Hawaii.  Austin applied for Operation Home Rescue’s team to come and repair challenges in his home that impacted his daily life: a non-functioning oven, and gutters that no longer served to protect the home from water damage. Additionally, a driveway in need of cleaning to help brighten the home and make it more comfortable to return to after a long day of work. TMG Cares recognized the need for action to restore comfort and functionality to Austin's living space.

The Repair Process

TMG Cares volunteers, armed with their skills and determination, began the repair process on December 29th. With a keen focus on addressing Austin's specific needs, the team swiftly tackled the non-functioning oven. Through careful troubleshooting and skillful repairs, the volunteers managed to bring the oven back to life, ensuring Austin could enjoy home-cooked meals once again.

Additionally, community partner ERS Roofing joined the effort to replace much-needed gutters on the home’s garage. The team addressed the gutter issue, preventing potential water damage and improving the overall safety and stability of the home. The repairs were not just about fixing physical structures; they were about restoring a sense of security and well-being for a veteran who had dedicated his life to serving our country.

Further clean-up and repair efforts included clearing the gutter of debris, repairing a drainage pipe, and pressure washing the driveway, fence, and front walkway providing long-lasting maintenance that adds to the curb appeal of the house.

Community partner Jimmy John's generously donated lunch for Austin and the TMG Cares volunteer crew, ensuring everyone stayed energized throughout the day.

Operation Home Rescue is administered and funded by TMG Cares, the non-profit division of The TMG Family of Companies, in partnership with the Clark County Veteran’s Assistance Center (CCVAC). These projects are made possible in part due to a generous donation from community partner Mr. Plywood.

If you know of, or are yourself a veteran who is currently physically or financially unable to complete your home maintenance needs, please visit our website to see if you are eligible for free assistance: http://operationhomerescue.com.

About Operation Home Rescue

Operation Home Rescue is a non-profit program to assist veterans who live in Clark County, WA who are physically unable or cannot afford to carry out their home maintenance and/or repair needs. Participants in Operation Home Rescue can receive a variety of home maintenance services performed at no cost, such as landscaping, minor repairs, and cleaning. Operation Home Rescue is administered and funded by TMG Cares, the non-profit division of The TMG Family of Companies, in partnership with the Clark County Veteran’s Assistance Center (CCVAC).

Learn more about Operation Home Rescue at operationhomerescue.com.

To learn more about TMG Cares and the community work that the TMG Family of Companies does, visit tmgcares.com.

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