TMG Cares Triumphs with Record-Breaking Walk-a-Mile Shoe and Sock Drive, Benefiting Local Foster Kids

In a heartwarming display of community support, The TMG Family of Companies recently concluded its most significant Walk-a-Mile shoe drive to date, leaving an indelible impact on the lives of local foster children. This extraordinary initiative saw the collection of 429 pairs of shoes and an astonishing 3000 pairs of socks throughout the month of October.

The success of this drive can be attributed to the generous contributions from notable entities like Mr. Plywood, Gresham Honda, Bumpers Bar & Grill, and A-Temp Heating and Cooling, along with the invaluable partnerships formed with local high schools and middle schools through the "Sock-Tober" sock drive.

Non-Profit Partnerships

The culmination of the Walk-a-Mile shoe drive resulted in significant contributions to three local non-profits dedicated to supporting foster children – Cloth + Foster, Project Lemonade, and Mo's Place. These organizations work tirelessly to provide essential resources, guidance, and a sense of normalcy to children in the foster care system. The donations from the TMG Family of Companies and its partners will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on the lives of countless children within the community.

Cloth + Foster A non-profit committed to meeting the needs of families and children experiencing foster care through support and tangible goods in Southwest Washington and the surrounding areas. Learn more:

Project Lemonade Focused on empowering foster youth by providing them with shoes, clothing, personal items, and resources that contribute to their self-esteem and well-being. Learn more:

Mo's Place A local organization offering tangible items as well as emotional and educational support to the foster youth and their caregivers in the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla and the surrounding areas. Learn more:


Community Sponsors:

The collaborative efforts of the TMG Family of Companies, Mr. Plywood, Gresham Honda, Bumpers Bar & Grill, and A-Temp Heating and Cooling underscored the power of community unity. These businesses not only contributed significantly to the cause but also inspired others to join the movement. Through the combined efforts of these companies, the impact of the shoe drive extended far beyond what anyone could have imagined.


"Sock-Tober" Sock Drive

A special mention goes to the local high schools and middle schools that actively participated in the "Sock-Tober" sock drive in October. This initiative not only added a creative and engaging element to the overall campaign but also showcased the enthusiasm of the younger generation in supporting their peers in need. The sock drive not only collected an impressive number of socks but also fostered a sense of empathy and social responsibility among students, staff and families attending the Trunk or Treat event hosted at Prairie High School. Thank you to our participating schools: Prairie High School, Rex Putnam High School, Chief Umtuch Middle School, Battle Ground High School, Lake Oswego Junior High and Lake Oswego High School.

The TMG Family of Companies, alongside its dedicated partners and the enthusiastic support of local schools, has set a new standard for community engagement with its record-breaking Walk-a-Mile shoe drive. By focusing on the needs of local foster children and partnering with like-minded businesses and organizations, the impact of this initiative will resonate for years to come. Through acts of kindness and collaboration, the TMG Family of Companies has proven that when a community comes together, incredible things can happen.

Thank you to our community partners!

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