TMG Cares’ 2023 Season of Giving Spreads Joy with Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza

Season of Giving: Holiday Cheer for Our Communities

TMG Cares’ commitment to community upliftment reached new heights during the heartwarming 2023 Season of Giving. Supported by local sponsor Mr. Plywood, donations from employees, and a generous grant from Fred Meyer, TMG Cares, alongside their dynamic Elf Squad team of 10 employees, orchestrated a remarkable initiative to bring holiday joy to children in foster care in Southwest Washington. With a collective effort spanning over 79 total volunteer hours, employees filled 329 stockings during an all-day Santa’s Workshop event on December 6th. Each stocking was filled with age-appropriate toys, treats, and gift cards tailored to a specific age group. The collaboration with non-profit partner Cloth + Foster added a special touch to this memorable Season of Giving.


Local Sponsorships, Grants and Donations

TMG Care's unwavering dedication to community service was fortified by the generous support of local sponsor Mr. Plywood and a benevolent grant from Fred Meyer. This dual sponsorship not only provided financial backing but also exemplified the community's collective spirit in making a positive impact on the lives of children in foster care. Donations of items and payroll deductions made by employees were matched by the TMG Family of companies, and several community members generously contributed to the efforts as well.


Elf Squad's Shopping Efforts

The heart and soul of the Season of Giving were TMG Care's dedicated Elf Squad, a team of 10 employees who went above and beyond to make a difference. With a total budget of $7,151, the team collectively spent 22.5 shopping hours scouring stores for the perfect toys, delectable treats, and thoughtful gift cards, ensuring each stocking was a treasure trove of delight for the children in Southwest Washington.

Santa’s Workshop at The TMG Office: Stocking Stuffer Extravaganza

The Elf Squad's meticulous shopping sprees resulted in the creation of 329 stockings, each uniquely tailored to cater to the age and preferences of the recipients. From plush toys, games, art supplies, and personal care items to delicious treats and practical gift cards, a large crew of 35 TMG employees gathered throughout the day to infuse a personal touch into every stocking.


Non-Profit Partner Cloth + Foster's Vital Role

Collaborating with local non-profit Cloth + Foster was a pivotal aspect of TMG Care's Season of Giving. Cloth + Foster played a crucial role in facilitating the delivery of the stockings to local foster children. A portion of the stockings were presented to children at Cloth and Foster’s annual holiday party creating an atmosphere of festivity that resonated with the joyous occasion. With the abundance of stockings created, our non-profit partner was able to further spread the holiday spirit to kids newly entering the foster system throughout the holiday season. This partnership amplified TMG Care's impact, allowing efforts to reach children of all ages, from infants to 18 years old.

Cloth + Foster is a Vancouver-based non-profit committed to meeting the needs of families and children experiencing foster care through support and tangible goods in Southwest Washington and the surrounding areas. Learn more:

TMG Cares' 2023 Season of Giving exemplifies the transformative power of teamwork, compassion, and community support. Through the combined efforts of sponsors, donors, TMG Family of Company volunteers, and the strategic collaboration with Cloth + Foster, TMG Cares successfully spread the magic of the holiday season and made a lasting impact on the lives of children experiencing foster care in our community.

Thank you to our community partner!

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