TMG Cares Volunteers Spread Happiness with the Chelsea Hicks Foundation

In a world where compassion and selflessness often take a back seat to the hustle and bustle of daily life, there are shining examples of individuals and organizations committed to making a difference. Recently, ten volunteers from the TMG Family of Companies came together to support TMG Cares' non-profit partner The Chelsea Hicks Foundation in its noble mission to bring comfort and joy to seriously ill children through imaginative dress up in costumes, wigs, accessories and more. In this blog post, we'll explore the heartwarming tasks these volunteers undertook to make a positive impact on the lives of hospitalized children.

Packaging Blankets for Hospitalized Children

One of the first tasks undertaken by the TMG volunteers was packaging blankets for hospitalized children. With precision and care, they ensured that each blanket was folded neatly and packaged with a personal touch, ready to provide warmth and comfort to those in need.

Preparing Costume Wigs and Beanies

Children facing serious illnesses often find solace in the magic of imagination. TMG Cares volunteers took on the task of preparing costume wigs and beanies, adding a touch of whimsy to costume packages that would soon bring smiles to the faces of young patients.

Packaging Slippers

Comfort is key, especially for those spending extended periods in hospitals. The volunteers meticulously packaged slippers, knowing that these simple items could bring a sense of coziness and normalcy to the lives of children dealing with challenging health conditions.

Sorting and Boxing Toys

To add an extra layer of joy to their packages, TMG Cares volunteers sorted and boxed an array of toys. From action figures to soft plushies, the carefully selected toys were destined to brighten the days of seriously ill children, offering a momentary escape from their struggles.

Tagging and Sorting Pajamas

Sleepwear takes on a new significance for children spending nights in hospital beds. The volunteers tagged and sorted pajamas, ensuring that each set met the highest standards of comfort and warmth for the young recipients.

Packaging Butterfly Wings Scarves

Adding a touch of magic and playfulness to the costume packages, TMG Cares volunteers packaged Butterfly Wings scarves. These whimsical accessories promised to transport children to a world of fantasy, encouraging creativity and self-expression.

Chelsea Hicks

Non-Profit Partner The Chelsea Hicks Foundation

Chelsea's Closet - Inspiring hope and healing to seriously-ill children through therapeutic dress up and play.

Learn more about the Chelsea Hicks Foundation and all that they do at or on their YouTube channel.

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea Hicks was an amazing little girl who loved life. In April 2007, Chelsea was diagnosed with Stage IV Wilms’ tumor cancer, involving her right kidney, lymph nodes, and lungs. Chelsea loved to dress up, and have tea parties and parades while on the oncology floor. On February 20, 2009, Chelsea lost her courageous battle. She was only five years old. We will forever be grateful for the hours of fun and play that she inspired with her impish grin and infectious laughter. She will never be forgotten and we honor her by helping other kids fighting serious illnesses with The Chelsea Hicks Foundation and Chelsea’s Closet program.

“When serious illness impacts a young person’s childhood and a family’s well-being, CHF’s creative programs provide hope, support, and opportunities to share special moments together and create memories to last a lifetime.”

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