Operation Home Rescue #14 Honors Army Veteran Dean Hardy

Operation Home Rescue Volunteers Make Home Improvements for Army Veteran, Dean Hardy

OHR 14 Team

March 27, 2024 | TMG Cares volunteers recently rallied together at Operation Home Rescue's 14th project at the home of Army Veteran, Dean Hardy. Four volunteers from the TMG Family of Companies joined together to complete much needed repairs to his home, as well as landscaping to make it easier to maintain in the future.

At TMG, the spirit of giving back runs deep, and this was recently exemplified through the 14th TMG Cares / Operation Home Rescue project. This time, the spotlight was on honoring Army Veteran, Dean Hardy. The volunteers rallied together to make a meaningful difference in Mr. Hardy's daily life.

The project was nothing short of extensive, with volunteers pouring their time and effort into various tasks aimed at transforming Hardy's home into a more comfortable and functional space. Among the tasks accomplished, volunteers removed three trees, landscaped both the front and back yards, pruned and trimmed various plants, tackled the garage ceiling by taping and mudding, completed a crucial attic pipe project, and addressed repairs to the patio roof to halt any leaks.

The dedication of the volunteers was palpable throughout the project. Among those present were volunteers from the TMG Family of Companies Phillip G., Julie A., Mitchell L., Josh P., alongside Jordan H., and Eric D. from TMG Maintenance Services NW. Their collective effort not only rejuvenated the physical aspects of Hardy's home but also served as a heartwarming reminder of the power of community and compassion.

TMG Cares' Operation Home Rescue stands as a testament to the TMG Family of Companies' commitment to making a positive impact beyond the boardroom. It's about recognizing individuals like Dean Hardy, who have served our country with honor, and ensuring that they feel valued and supported in return.

As the volunteers worked tirelessly, their actions spoke volumes about the values that define the TMG Family of Companies. It's not just about conducting business; it's about building relationships, fostering goodwill, and creating a ripple effect of kindness that extends far beyond the confines of the workplace.

Thank You to Our Community Partners

This endeavor wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable support of our community partners. Among them, Mr. Plywood, Whole Home Construction LLC, and Lowe's deserve heartfelt gratitude for donating to this impactful project, demonstrating their commitment to making a difference in the lives of deserving individuals like Dean Hardy. Additionally, local restaurant Foode Cafe stepped up to the plate, generously donating lunch not only to the hardworking volunteers, but also extending their generosity to Mr. Hardy himself.

As the volunteers wrapped up their work at Mr. Hardy's home, they left behind more than just physical improvements. They left behind a legacy of generosity, empathy, and solidarity—a legacy that will continue to inspire and uplift for years to come.

About Operation Home Rescue

Operation Home Rescue is a nonprofit organization that exists to assist veterans who live in Clark County, Washington who are physically or financially unable to carry out their home maintenance and/or repair needs. Participants in Operation Home Rescue can receive a variety of home maintenance services performed at no cost, such as landscaping, minor repairs, and cleaning. Operation Home Rescue is administered and funded by TMG Cares, the nonprofit division of the TMG Family of Companies, in partnership with the Clark County Veteran’s Assistance Center (CCVAC).

This projects was made possible in part due to a generous donation from our community partner, Mr. Plywood.

If you are (or know of) a veteran who is currently physically or financially unable to complete your home maintenance needs, please visit our website to learn more about eligibility to participate in this free program.

Learn more about Operation Home Rescue at operationhomerescue.com. To learn more about TMG Cares and the community work that the TMG Family of Companies does, visit tmgcares.org.

About the TMG Family of Companies

The TMG Family of Companies includes multifamily property management, single family property management, an in-house maintenance team, commercial property management, and home sales. TMG’s sister company, Association Management Services (AMS), also provides HOA management services. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, TMG also has offices located in Portland and Salem, Oregon, and in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Thank you to our community partners!


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