Operation Home Rescue #15 Honors Navy Veteran James Brooks

TMG Cares Complete Their 15th Mission at the Home of Local Navy Veteran James Brooks

May 22, 2024 | TMG Cares and The TMG Family of Companies has always been committed to giving back to the community, and our team's dedication was on full display as a team of four volunteers helped us complete our 15th Operation Home Rescue project. This time, our mission was to assist Navy Veteran James Brooks, ensuring his home was safe and well-maintained.

About James Brooks

James Brooks served in the Navy from 1969 to 1975. Stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, and Bermuda, he worked as a Supply Clerk in the office, preparing paperwork for service work on planes coming in for repair. Though his career is a testament to his dedication and skill, health conditions now prevent him from making necessary repairs around his home. Despite these challenges, James remains an adept woodworker, showcasing his craftsmanship in various projects.

The Repairs

Our TMG Cares volunteer team tackled a variety of tasks to improve the safety and functionality of James's home. Here's a detailed look at the repairs and improvements made:

Dog Door Removal

  • Interior: The team patched the hole left by the dog door with sheetrock and applied spot paint with primer.
  • Exterior: They plan to patch the hole with matching siding, ensuring a seamless look.

Block Foundation Vent

  • Vent Installation: The team prepared to install a vent well and a screen, ensuring no animals were present under the house before proceeding.

Exterior Cleaning

  • Power Washing: Volunteers power washed the exterior windows and the front wheelchair ramp, significantly enhancing the home's appearance.

Window Repairs

  • Dry Rot Replacement: They replaced the bottom trim on two windows suffering from dry rot, followed by touch-up painting.
  • Caulking and Painting: The team also touched up the caulking and paint on two front windows.

Gutter Cleaning

  • Clean Gutters: Ensuring proper drainage, the volunteers cleaned the gutters to prevent potential water damage.

Railing Installation

  • Hot Tub Steps: They installed a top (2x4) railing to the existing posts of the steps leading to the hot tub, enhancing safety.

Front Door Seal

  • Weather Stripping: To improve energy efficiency and comfort, the team shifted the front door's top weather stripping to tighten the seal.

Siding Repair

  • Vinyl Siding: They planned to install a three-foot section of vinyl siding to replace a broken piece on the south exterior wall, pending a match in siding material.

Kitchen Sink Fixes

  • Faucet Handle: The team tightened the loose faucet handle.
  • Plumbing Holes: They added a hanger strap over the crossover drain and applied spray foam in the plumbing holes to secure and insulate the area.

A Community Effort

Thank you to our Community Partners

Lunch for the crew working at this Operation Home Rescue project was generously donated by local restaurant and TMG Cares Community Partner, Jojo. Their kitchen fueled our team with hot Chicken Strips, Jojos and a variety of sauces on this chilly Spring day.

Whole Home Construction LLC assisted with the completion of this project, which was also made possible because of generous donations from Mr.Plywood and Lowe's Home Improvement.

The completion of these repairs is a testament to the power of community and the impact of volunteerism. The TMG volunteers brought their skills and dedication to ensure that James Brooks could live comfortably and safely in his home. This project not only improved his living conditions but also honored his service to the country.

As we at The TMG Family of Companies and TMG Cares continue our Operation Home Rescue efforts, we look forward to continue to play a crucial role in supporting veterans and strengthening communities.

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About Operation Home Rescue

Operation Home Rescue is a nonprofit organization that exists to assist veterans who live in Clark County, Washington who are physically or financially unable to carry out their home maintenance and/or repair needs. Participants in Operation Home Rescue can receive a variety of home maintenance services performed at no cost, such as landscaping, minor repairs, and cleaning. Operation Home Rescue is administered and funded by TMG Cares, the nonprofit division of the TMG Family of Companies, in partnership with the Clark County Veteran’s Assistance Center (CCVAC).

This projects was made possible in part due to a generous donation from our community partner, Mr. Plywood.

If you are (or know of) a veteran who is currently physically or financially unable to complete your home maintenance needs, please visit our website to learn more about eligibility to participate in this free program.

Learn more about Operation Home Rescue at operationhomerescue.com. To learn more about TMG Cares and the community work that the TMG Family of Companies does, visit tmgcares.org.

About the TMG Family of Companies

The TMG Family of Companies includes multifamily property management, single family property management, an in-house maintenance team, commercial property management, and home sales. TMG’s sister company, Association Management Services (AMS), also provides HOA management services. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, TMG also has offices located in Portland and Salem, Oregon, and in Tri-Cities, Washington.

Thank you to our community partners!

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