Everything You Need to Know About Portland’s Relocation Ordinance, EO 20-13 & HB 4213

Residential Rental Units within the City of Portland Limits

Relocation Assistance applies to residential rental units within Portland city limits, which can be managed by an owner, a sublessor, or property management company. The units can have either month-to-month rental agreements or fixed-term tenancies, such as 6-month or 1-year leases.
Renters in Portland who are served a no-cause eviction or encounter any of the triggering events may have the right to be paid relocation assistance from their Landlord. For eligible exemptions, see the Administrative Rules.

When is a Renter Eligible for Relocation Assistance?

• Renter must live within COP limits
• Renter does not live with their landlord
• Tenancy is not week-to-week

Events that Trigger Relocation Assistance

With EO 20-13 & HB 4213, the State or Oregon has prohibited Landlords of residential properties from issuing most termination notices without a tenant cause. This moratorium is in effect until September 30, 2020.

• No-cause eviction
• Notice of non-renewal of a fixed term lease (not month-to-month)
• Qualified landlord reason for termination
• Rent increase of 10% or more over a 12 month period
• Substantial change of lease terms

Written Notice

Tenants must receive a written notice for any rent increase or termination of the rental agreement for at least 90 days before effective date. The notice must include:

• A description of their rights and obligations, and
• The amount of Relocation Assistance they are eligible to receive

All Landlord and Tenant notifications should be provided in writing, which means a letter that is either given to the Landlord or Tenant in person, or sent by first-class mail—not by email, text, or certified or registered mail.

Assistance Amounts by Rental Size

• Studio or Single Room Occupancy - $2,900
• 1-Bedroom - $3,300
• 2-Bedroom - $4,200
• 3-Bedroom or larger - $4,500

Notifying of a Payment

Landlords are required to notify the Portland Housing Bureau of all Relocation Assistance payments within 30 days of making a payment.

Landlord Exemptions
Under very specific situations identified in the Portland City Code 30.01.085 a Landlord may be eligible to apply for an exemption from paying Relocation Assistance. Before applying, carefully review the Administrative Rules which cover exemption eligibility, the approval process and specific definitions.

The order of events is crucial. Some exemptions require that the Landlord must provide a copy of the Acknowledgement Letter to the Tenant prior to the Tenant entering into a Rental Agreement.

Failure to Comply

A Landlord that fails to comply with any of the requirements set forth in Section 30.01.085 shall be liable to the Tenant for an amount up to 3 times the monthly rent as well as actual damages, Relocation Assistance, reasonable attorney fees and costs.

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