3 Ways to Reduce Mold Growth

Are you notorious for taking hot showers?

The buildup of steam and moisture in your bathroom can cause serious problems to your home or health if these proper steps are not taken. Not only can moisture cause damage to your walls, but it can lead to the growth of mold! Now that can be a real damper on anyone’s day. TMG Maintenance Services NW has provided the top three ways to help reduce the risk of mold growth from moisture in your home.

1. Use Your Fans.

In most homes these days your kitchen and bathroom come with a ceiling fan. These fans are here to help ventilate the room and decrease the moisture in the air. When taking a shower or bath, always turn the fan on. If your bathroom does not have a fan, crack a window to help let the steam escape. When cooking in the kitchen, the same rule applies, use your fan. The stove fan can suck up the moisture from boiling water or steaming vegetables that are ready to be served. Fans are the cheapest and easiest way to help reduce the growth of mold.

2. Leave Space Between the Wall and Furniture.

This one most people don’t think about. We recommend leaving a few inches of space between the wall and your furniture. Mold likes to grow in dark and warm places, so leaving a gap from the wall helps ventilate the area so moisture can’t get trapped.

3. Buy a Dehumidifier.

This is your most expensive route, but a dehumidifier will do the job! Its sole purpose is to extract water from the air. You can purchase an inexpensive one for around $60 and leave it running while you are at home. This appliance will reduce and maintain an even level of humidity in the air. You can find these at any home improvement store.


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