Genius Home Organization Tips from Marie Kondo

You may have seen the Netflix hit “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo. Her decluttering and organizing methods have inspired the world. We’re sharing some of her greatest tips below.   If you’re getting ready to move, this advice can really help with your packing process as well.   Tackle categories instead of rooms. Organizing room-by-room …

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moving with pets during coronavirus

Moving With Your Pets

Whether you’re moving down the street, or across the country, moving with your pet (or multiple pets) can be stressful. Below are some guidelines to make the process smoother for your furry friends. BEFORE THE MOVE Make sure your pets have collars and ID tags that list your current cell phone number. It’s also recommended …

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Vancouver Washington Pier

Vancouver Is One of the Top 100 Places to Live

View the story on KGW. An excerpt is below. Vancouver is among four Washington cities to make a national list of the Top 100 Places to Live. The list, published by Livability, specified affordability as the most important attribute and excluded any city with a median home value higher than $250,000. Sorry, Portland. Oregon’s largest city …

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winterization tips

Winterization Tips

With bad weather continuing to hit us from all angles, it’s not too late to take steps to guard your property against extreme weather. Here are a few steps that can assist you in preparing your home for extreme weather conditions. Remove all hoses from the exterior hose bibs and install thermo hose bib covers …

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Prevent dryer fires

Preventing Dryer Fires

Each year, thousands of fires start in the clothes dryer around the country. The most frequent causes of these fires are improper ventilation and/or poor maintenance, which allows lint to accumulate. When lint collects in the ducting, on the heater, switches and motors in the dryer, fires can result. Ventilation is one key to avoiding …

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