Preventing Dryer Fires

Prevent dryer firesEach year, thousands of fires start in the clothes dryer around the country. The most frequent causes of these fires are improper ventilation and/or poor maintenance, which allows lint to accumulate. When lint collects in the ducting, on the heater, switches and motors in the dryer, fires can result.

Ventilation is one key to avoiding a dryer fire. Improper venting of the dryer is one of the major causes contributing to appliance related fires. Venting is also important to the performance of your dryer. The Management Group suggests that you follow these simple tips for safe dryer usage.

* Avoid leaving the dryer running while you’re away.

* Clean the lint trap after every use.

* Don’t dry oily rags in your dryer.

* Never dry synthetic fabric, plastic, rubber or foam items in your dryer.

* Don’t operate the dryer without the lint filter in place.

* Ensure that the electrical outlet is not damaged or cracked.

* Keep the area around the dryer free of combustibles such as clothing and boxes.

Although there are no sure warning signs that your dryer will catch fire, there are some things to look for that may indicate trouble. For example, clothes, especially towels or jeans, that take a very long time to dry. When you remove the clothes from the dryer and they are hotter than usual by the end of the cycle. The flapper on the vent hood outside does not open when the dryer is on, this can mean there is a blockage in the exhaust line.

If you notice any of these dryer warning signs report the issue to your property manager right away. We want to keep the home you live in as safe as possible.

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